The business breakthrough challenge is here, and today is day one! “What?! Didn’t I have time to prepare something?” You ask. Nope, it all starts this moment. Let me explain. The most significant lesson I learned early in life was that ONE move can change the momentum of the game. That one move is a decision that happens the moment you say “I’m starting now!” Not overthinking it. Not over analyzing it.

I’ve imposed these 30 day challenges on myself for the last four years since I left my full time job and never looked back. I set audacious and ambitious goals and failed miserably trying to reach them. I was disappointed with many of my results. But in the process of all that failure and disappointment, these are some of the things that took place: I wrote and published my book, got dozens of high caliber endorsements, including forewords by a NYT bestselling author and the executive of a global corporation, it became an Amazon bestseller, I went from getting $125 dollars an hour for coaching to getting corporate executives and entrepreneur clients who hired me for thousands of dollars a year on retainer, to raising my fees and getting paid up to $2500 for just one hour of my time.

Please know that I’m not writing to brag, but to impress upon you that when you decide to have a business breakthrough, it starts by drawing a line in the sand and deciding what you will start doing today. You raise your ambition about what it’s possible for your business and how you can impact others through your work. The work you do, whether you call it a business, a message, a product, or your art is your gift to the world. When you become more profitable, you have the opportunity to serve more. When your business struggles, you message to the world is in danger of dying.

You can take your business to the next level–starting TODAY. 


If you take the challenge, for the next 30 days you will compete with only one person: yourself. You know what you have been putting off, something that could take your business, profits, or impact to the next level. You needed to finish your book. You needed to finish your online course. You needed to start blogging regularly. You needed to grow your email list. You needed to get out there and get more prospect and close more sales. You needed to stop overthinking, massaging, and overanalyzing that ebook you’ve been writing, you needed to ship more, you needed to increase your prices, you needed to close more sales.

Here are three simple things I’ve done to grow my business and what this challenge is about if you decide to take it:

  1. Set a stretch goal, something that can have a significant impact in the growth or profitability of your business. Make sure is specific and measurable: ” By May 31 I will increase my email list by 100 people and close one high ticket sale of $5000.”
  2. Share your goal with others (join the Business Breakthrough Challenge Facebook Community). Accountability works.
  3. Cheer those pursuing their goals. Choose an accountability buddy in the group. It’s the principle of sowing and reaping — the more you open your hands to give value, the more you will be blessed.

Finally, if you are in San Diego, join us at the Business Breakthrough Mastermind LIVE. For those of you joining remotely, Tune in for a live broadcast inside the Facebook Group at 5:30 PM (pacific); 8:30 PM (eastern).

Let’s go!