NEW Bridge Builders SINGLENEW YORK—October 15, 2015–Morgan James’ new release, Bridge Builders: How Superb Communicators Get What They Want in Business and in Life by Maria Keckler, teaches readers how to connect and persuade through the power of story and strong communication.

All good leaders share one crucial trait—they are superb communicators. They inspire a shared vision and reach team goals because they communicate them effectively.

Bridge Builders is written as an inspirational and thought-provoking fable that illustrates the power of human connection, told from the perspective of the fictitious Daniel Reed. His journey of self-discovery and budding communication skills inspire readers to become the bridge builders they have always been capable of being.

Bridge Builders: How Superb Communicators Get What They Want in Business and in Life provides a simple blueprint for enriching the quality of personal and business relationships through successful channels of communication. Higher business revenues, faster conflict resolution, and greater relational satisfaction all lie at the other end of the communication bridge. Learn how to mobilize positive change in your life and business, and become a Bridge Builder today!


“Maria has written an important parable… Bridge Builders will challenge the way you think about yourself and your ability to reach your goals.” —Peri Shawn, Award-winning Author of Sell More with Sales Coaching

“The value of clear and effective communication is often overlooked and even dismissed within organizations. Maria shows us what a mistake this is by illustrating how being a strong communicator—a bridge builder—provides a path to achieving your goals, both professionally and personally.” —Brad Parker, Director of Marketing at Sony Electronics

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