Erin Acton, a certified life and business coach in the field of burnout and life purpose, knows what burnout can do to you. While leading the communications department for a $50M company and juggling her role as a mother, she found herself at the end of her rope, battling burnout like thousands of people today. Today, as the foremost authority on moving from burnout to balance, Erin is helping successful women do life and career on their terms.

How do you know if you are experiencing burnout?

You run and run but it only makes the wheel spin faster. You have a career that leaves you no time for friends and very little time for your family. You’re disappointed in yourself because when you’re with your family, you’re on edge and you snap at them. Sometimes, you’ll look up and realize that you just had a conversation with someone but you have no idea what they said and worse, no idea what you said. Some days, it’s like a zombie has taken over your body. Your confidence has tanked. You have no energy. You know you can’t keep doing this but you don’t know where to start.  —Erin

In this episode, Erin shares how you can stop feeling overwhelmed now. She walks you through a simple but powerful strategy you can implement right away. If you are going to have a fulfilling career, relationships, or business—this is a conversation you cannot afford to miss.

Before this conversation is over, you’ll experience results!

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