I’m blessed to have many top achievers as clients, who always want to know what can give them an edge when it comes to reaching their goals by the end of the month.

Believe it or not, it’s simpler than you think—because most people have already quit pursuing their goals (especially since a holiday weekend is upon us).

Let me explain.

There’s a common misconception among goal setters—that you set your goals at the beginning of the year, the month, or the week, and then you coast until the end.

Worse yet, many people are plagued with an “all or nothing” mentality: if they fail along the way… if something goes wrong… if they’re behind hitting their numbers… and if their performance is not perfect in every way—they stop mid race and tell themselves they will start all over again next month.

Sound familiar?

I know this harmful habit too well, especially when it comes to my health goals. Thankfully, this time around I have a tough and caring coach who tells me over and over again: “I don’t care how many set backs you have, I’m not letting you quit.”  Her commitment to my goals is making a big difference.

Today I decided to pay the favor forward by calling you out:

No matter where you are today with your goal, DON’T QUIT NOW.

Most people are.

Winners don’t give up at the last lap. Winners push forward. They refocus. They muster the strength, the resilience, and the commitment to keep running till the very end.

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