IMAGINE. A powerful word. It has launched movements. It launched a husband and wife house-cleaning business that got our family through the recession of 1992, shortly after the birth of our daughter and my husband, Sam, losing his 11th job in twelve months.

“Imagine if we could just start a business!”

A cleaning service was an obvious choice. Sam loves to clean, we had a garage full of Amway cleaning products, and I had a foolproof business plan in my head.

Our well-meaning friends (the critics), weren’t so sure. They reminded us that no one hires house cleaning services in the middle of a recession.

Motivated by an eviction notice on the table and a pile of overdue bills, we had no choice but to become game changers. We pawned the only items of value we owned (the hunting rifle Sam had inherited from his dad… and my wedding ring). $180 bucks later, we were in business.

$80 went to groceries, diapers, baby formula and a tank of gas. $30 went to Kinkos for designing a bright yellow flier and printing 1000 copies. The rest was just enough for mops, broom, buckets, matching shorts, T-shirts, and old towels at the local thrift store.

Daily we canvassed the nice neighborhoods, determined to pass out 100 flyers a day. Surely someone driving a Lexus could afford a first class cleaning team.

We never had to print flyers again. For two years, that business fed us, clothed us, kept a roof over our heads—and taught us that game changers act, not grumble.

barriers or possibilites

I’m reminded of that story for two reasons. First, in Sam and I are about to celebrate 28 years of marriage, a time always reserved for looking back and thanking God for how far we’ve come.

Also, because it is a constant reminder that we, entrepreneurs, have the power to imagine an outcome and work diligently to see it come to fruition.

  • by taking action every day
  • by making bold moves
  • by ignoring the critics or the economic conditions
  • by focusing on the why, before the how

Make no mistake. There isn’t a shortage of money in the world. In less than a week, Star Wars made one billion dollars. A lot of people busying a $20 dollar ticket.

Don’t lose focus. Stay the course. Your mindset is your number one tool that gives you the unfair advantage.

Imagine the possibilities. Be a game changer. Be a bridge builder to your dreams.

How are you changing the game of your business and your future today?

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