Whatever our profession or life’s calling, we all sell something: a product, a service, a message, a vision, an idea.

At the core of it all we are selling ourselves – to customers, to our kids, to our friends.

No one likes to sell, but everyone wants to have sold what they have to offer.

Selling is about relationship, persuasion and trust. But before all of these, selling is about knocking on many doors.

Knocking requires courage. Patience. Persistence. Interrupting someone’s day.

Knocking is risky, no matter how valuable is what you offer.

You will be misunderstood, judged, rejected, and ridiculed.

Our most admired leaders kept knocking despite it all… because their message (their product) mattered. It had to be sold.

They knocked. Again. Again. And again. One door opened. Then another. Then another.

The one who knocks on the most doors wins.