I’m not a man and will never be able to fully understand their deepest fears and motivations, but Sam, my husband, tells me that a man’s ego is like a fragile egg in the hands of his wife, regardless of how strong he appears to be. He also tells me that when she believes in him, he’ll walk to the ends of the earth for her and his family.


I learned these lessons gradually. A year into our marriage I discovered he was battling a pornography addiction. By year two, I had grown convinced that he would never be the man I could ever respect again.

Yet, I didn’t want to be the quitter. Instead I pushed his buttons, using my words as lethal weapons that began to destroy his confidence. Sooner or later he would get tired of the abuse and walk away. I’d be able to say that he was the quitter.

I began to understand the second lesson shortly after a long road trip. I can’t remember how we began talking about coming of age stories, but the following story forever changed how I felt about him and the future of our marriage… [continue reading original article at The Good Men Project]


“One Story Every Man Must Learn and Be Willing To Share” was First published at The Good Men Project (June 25, 2015)