Are you stuck and don’t know why your business is not growing to the next level? Are you ready to overcome your obstacles and get to where you want to go?

I can help

My name is Maria Keckler author of Bridge Builders  and founder of Superb Communication, a San Diego based firm focused on executive coaching, consulting, and training. I’m also the host of the Business Breakthrough University Podcast.

I work with entrepreneurs, business owners, experts, authors, speakers, and business leaders who are ready to accelerate results, profits, influence, productivity, and success.

Here are three ways you can work with me or learn from me:

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  3. For Influencers and Event Planners: Invite me to work with your team or speak for your event. I customize programs to address your specific challenges and help meet your objectives Click here to learn more. 
  4. Join Me at a Live Event: Experience the unique blend of inspiration and actionable strategy to get you moving in the right direction right away.
  5. For Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Executives, World Changers, and Fearless Go-Getters: Invest in in executive coaching to get unstuck, finish a project, or catapult yourself to the next level in your personal/professional journey. This is the fastest and most effective way to have laser focus, eliminate barriers, and build bridges to where you want to go, schedule a consultation using the button below.

Bottom line, if you are ready to get to where you want to go, I want to help!

I want to discuss more possibilities!

Here’s what others have to say.

Peter Lovgren



Melissa updated

Do you want to move fast? In working with Maria, she quickly saw to the core of what I needed to achieve my current goal. She clearly laid out the ‘levers’ I can pull and what I need to do immediately to make it happen. If SPEED and getting results as fast as possible are what you want, talk to Maria. Eric Asbeck
YOUR Next Move Business Coach,
“The day before I met Maria, I received a call from our new Chief Technology Officer whose first task was to usher the academic institutions in our organization into the twenty first century by the end of the summer. If we were going to be successful, we needed someone who could help bridge the gap between our technical staff and the end users. We didn’t know it at the time, but what we needed was a Bridge Builder. And that’s what we got when Maria joined the team… “Dr. David Jeremiah
NYT Bestselling Author; Founder of Turning Point Radio and Television Ministries
Maria has the unique ability to envision a concept, idea, or service while actually building the mechanisms for making it happen, and guiding the process to fruition. Maria is one of the rare individuals that makes ideas happen!Edward J. Herrelko III
Chief Education Officer, Magnify, LLC
Maria has written a brilliant, practical book that will teach you how to improve communication and leadership skills when it really counts. But Maria goes deeper than mere instructions. This book is ultimately about discovering what keeps you from achieving yur dreams and goals and developing the mindset that will enable you to move others to join your vision.Carolyn Konecki
Personal Lines Manager, Cavignac & Associates
The premise of this book is a timeless and vital message. This book will make you a more effective leader and communicator in business, in marriage, and in life.Tom Thompson
Senior Vice President, World Help
If you rely on relationship-building to make a living, read this book! Bridge Builders will entice you to examine your obstacles and equip you with the practical tools to overcome them.Peri Shawn
Leadership Coach; Award-Winning Author of Sell More with Sales Coaching


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